Information - Sokora Vora

Enter the Sokora, a Vanity House of Fashion Arts and Visual Films.

Sokora Vora is an orchestra of astral moods, methods, and motifs. We bring together pieces of Art, Film, Music and Sounds. Each combined and played in various ways. A visual and audible mesh of artistic poetry.

“The creation of Art is always vulnerable, we stand behind the models and artists who are in every way beautiful. Waking up in the Sokora is only the beginning.


Lena Prakonkham · Founder · MUA, Stylist – Manager

Mikoro Fujihara · Founder · Photography,  Video,  Editing,  Sound

Erin and Aleksandra · Curation Arts / Video Channel / Fashion Editorials

Hong Nguyen · Model / Artist.

Maggie Nguyen · Model / Artist.

Voranouth Supadulya · Model / Artist.


Email or Call for collaborations, submissions or assignments.
Direct or Submit any Project Media Material to:

Downtown Los Angeles, CA