Bruno Mars Gorilla Music Video


Gorilla” is a song by American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. The song was written by Mars, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine, and produced by The Smeezingtons, Emile Haynie, Jeff Bhasker and Mark Ronson who also co-produced two other songs on the album. Gorilla is a rock, soft rock and quiet storm song about making love like wild animals.

Mars said that it was “the first song we wrote for this album and it really set the tone for the entire project and it kind of became the mascot”, stating that it was the reason why there’s a gorilla on the cover of the album. The song has often been compared to the unabashedly sex-inspired works by Prince.

Sorry i’ve been M.I.A, I was shooting a music video. #WinkWink #FRIKIKIKIKI #BangBang Wait till you see this

Cameron Duddy who directed the video along with Mars were determined “to make “Gorilla” more than a standard strip-club video”, this envolved a lot of research, including going into strip clubs to look at the “architecture of the place for inspiration”, as Duddy claims. The search for the perfect strip club was pointless. So they decided to build one: “a joint that seemed like it was lifted straight out of Havana, dark and sweaty and seemingly untouched by time. They painted the walls themselves, and went back and forth on just what color neon they should use”.

Duddy gives the total credit to Bruno for the video ideia. Nevertheless, Duddy wasn’t sure about the cast of Freida Pinto, since he considered her “safe, it may be difficult if you go that route”, Mars replied “it’s important to the video to use someone who hasn’t been seen in this light before”. Duddy confessed that Pinto subjected herself to harm in one of the video’s key scenes: “when she sheds her clothes amongst a sea of sparks. Luckily, she came out unscathed”. He continued “It was dangerous…ask Bruno’s guitar player. He got dangerously close to having his head burned; in fact, I think there is a small hole in his afro”.



Described by MTV as a “gloriously cinematic scene”, Isabella (played by Freida Pinto) strips down to just her underwear as Mars launches into gorilla-sounding falsettos.

The video is 6 minutes long and regarded as Mars’ first short film video. It opens with a pair of jealous strippers applying lipstick and caddying back-and-forth between backstage. And meanwhile Mars’ “Money Make Her Smile” can be heard from the room, the two of them talk about a new woman who has been fooling around with another’s man (Mr. Mars), and it ends with one of the women declaring, “Wait ’til I tell the boss who she’s sleeping with.” Then it’s revealed that the woman, Isabella, has been listening in – and it’s her time to dance as soon as the boss says so.

It was dangerous…ask Bruno’s guitar player. He got dangerously close to having his head burned; in fact, I think there is a small hole in his afro.

Indian actress Freida Pinto takes the role of “Isabella”, a downright devilish pole dancer in a South of the Border strip club named “La Jungla”. After an introduction by Guzmán; the stripclub owner, Mars and his mates who serve as the house band, kick things into gear and Isabella begins pulling off some gravity-defying spins on the pole and in, as MTV described, “one gloriously cinematic scene” sheds her close with such ferocity that it literally causes the joint to short circuit. As his band bangs out some mid-tempo steamy soft-rock piano stabs, Mars mugs at her intensely, singing “You and me baby making love like gorillas,” as she disrobes and sparks fall from the ceiling. Then it cuts to the two of them heating up the backseat of a car, intercut with shots of her grinding on customers and banging on Mars’ chest as he sings the famous line “Bang Bang, Gorilla”.

Music info via Wikipedia.